Monday, February 1, 2010

WELCOME to My Third Party, the blog featuring Third Party Candidates and Candidates who denounce the 2008 democratic shenanigans by Reid and Pelosi.

It seems nowadays that neither the democrats or republicans have been able to retain the kind of integrity that most would expect. There is such a constant parrying for position that the whole point of becoming a politician has been lost.

To move ahead properly, My Third Party believes it will require righting the wrong of the 2008 democratic race. The most disturbing aspect of the 2008 democratic election was how quickly the democratic party wanted Hillary Clinton to withdraw from a race that was too close to call.

Another disturbing aspect was the media, led by Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews at MSNBC, and Arianna Huffington at Huffington Post, Jack Cafferty at CNN, and many many others, who felt it important to end the democratic race well before the democratic voters had had a chance to vote.

In stark contrast, John McCain had virtually no initial support of the conservative media, yet they did not actually try to bring him down either. The evidence is there, the democratic higher ups were more concerned with doing what they thought might help keep their own job rather than do what might be best for the running of the country.

So lets use this blog for two equally important purposes. Lets support third party candidates all over the country by listing their blogs on this page, and lets also reward any political candidate willing to publicly renounce the sneaky internal 2008 democratic tactics that has splintered the democratic party.


d.eris said...

We need many more blogs like this one. You may find my list of third party and independent candidates for governor, US House and Senate in 2010 helpful in your efforts here at My Third Party.

FreeMeNow said...

We have 10 months to find 470 candidates. I am hoping half of them are women. It's time we are equally represented in this country. Go go go! The Time is NOW. Thanks for starting this site.