Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jake Towne Storms Ahead with powerful appearances on television, It is the year of the third party candidate!

Check out Jake Towne's television appearances by clicking here. This is the year of the third party candidate, third party candidates are probably the best way to clean house in the democratic party, and Jake Towne is gaining ground!

Go Jake!


RubberNecker said...

Excellent article about politics! You grasp complex issues as none I have seen before!

Alessandro, you must run for office.

Please save us from the drudgery of politics with your hilarious insanity!

Alessandro Machi said...

Why, the obots are coming out of the woodworks in droves. You have been identified as "Concern Trolls" and will be outed on sight.

If you still think Barack Obama is not for Wall Street before Main Street, you will never "change".