Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Fat Lady Sings for Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann was a key reason Hillary Clinton lost to Barack Obama in 2008. I think this article from American Thinker is a wonderful send off to Keith "Blabberon" Olbermann should his days be numbered.

I had read that Keith's salary was doubled as a "reward" for getting Barack Obama elected and MSNBC's ratings temporarily up back in 2008. The ratings have been on a downward slide since then.


Anonymous said...

I hope the fat lady's pipes are rested and ready to sing Keith O's swan song. He is a disgrace. But, then, again, so is MSNBC as a whole. If it's true his salary was raised for his role in getting Obama elected, Keith is little more than a pimp. I hope several others at MSNBC, Tingle Thighs Matthews included, will be serenaded by the fat lady, soon.

Then, I hope she works her way over to FOX, and sings a song or two over there. Hannity and Beck would are overdue for a tune, IMO.


Alessandro Machi said...

I think Keitho got a four year contract extension at something like 4 million a year, which was double what he was making.