Monday, January 3, 2011

Republican Hypocrisy - Trading Social Security for Military Spending.

Many many years ago on another site I said that for every dollar the United States spends on anything to do with the military, they should spend another dollar on renewable energy that does not include nuclear or coal. Instead, our republican friends want to subtract a dollar from social security for every dollar they spend on the military.

Solar Energy can work. Hardened solar plastics could be used to make lightweight automobiles that could recharge themselves over a two day cycle. The lightened cars (with the fewer batteries needed to run them but which would still weigh down the car in high wind situations) would need much less power to run. The hardened solar plastic exteriors would continually be recharging. These hardened plastic cars would be sold in pairs, so the owners can alternate their usage, thus doubling their recharge time for a car that is much lighter.

The petroleum being wasted in heavier cars as fuel could actually be used to make the hardened solar plastics for cars that would then run on solar. Even if the charging fell short, the much lighter car would still need less of a charge from the grid. These much lighter cars might even run off of 12 volt instead of 24 volt technology as well.

More hydroelectric energy is needed. A classic example exists in the middle of our own country called the Mississippi River. We could do some amazing things with the Mississippi River that could prevent flooding along the banks, create hydroelectric energy, and possibly create a new potting industry called Mississippi mud, and put a lot of people to work making it happen.

By dredging the bottom of the mississippi river the chance of flooding would be reduced, hydroelectric energy would reduce dependence on non-renewable resources, and the mud at the bottom of the mississippi that would be dredged up could be sold as potting soil.

Wind energy is still in its infancy. I don't believe the ideal wind energy design has been invented yet. If we can't afford to spend dollar for dollar between the military and renewable energy, the world won't be able to sustain all the petroleum that will remain in demand even as we spend more money fighting for a diminishing return.

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